Jen Kotkin Pet Care

All Animals, all the time.

Jen Kotkin: Background

I have been in the training and handling of domestic and exotic animals for over 2 decades.   I am an enthusiastic and energetic worker who is fun yet safe, consistent and responsible, honest and affordable!   Because my formal training is in wildlife, I am able handle a variety of sizes, temperaments and breeds of domestic and exotics including farm animals, reptiles, birds, cats, dogs and any other pet you may have!  I also have vet tech, medication administration and rehabilitation experience with a variety of species.  An avid hiker and years of experience under my belt, I am ready to serve you and your pet's needs!    

*Please note:

For the safety of all pets, all dogs 

be spayed/neutered prior to 


This is for the safety and comfort of all dogs!